Our Current  Food Selection...

We source our food from the best suppliers available around the world dependent on seasonality and  availability  when being imported, because of this our menu has the tendency to change some what however here is an example menu of what to expect below. the format of the Platters never changes it is just the ingredients that do.



Provencal Black Tapenade, made with only the finest extra virgin olive oil, non-pareil capers and perfectly boned Anchovies served with crisp breads.

Black Ligurian

 Also known as the Taggiasca Olive, this renowned variety of Olive is gron in the north west of Italy in a region of Ligura. It is a delicious, small and sweet Olive prepared in a simple brine.

Provencal mix

 A blend of five delicious olives; Purple Trailladees, cracked green, small Coquilles, Picholines of provence and Black Sea salt cured. Marinated in sea salt brine, seasoned with Thyme and red wine Vinegar.


 Large Green Olives grown in the area of Trapani in Sicily, Round in shape with an intense Green colour and delicate fruity flavour prepared in a simple brine allowing for the enjoyment of their full flavour

Marseillais mix

 a traditional Marseille fine Olive, pickles and Lupini bean assortment marinated in Ras el Hanout and colombo based sauce gives a depth of spice.



Milano salami

 A traditional Italian Salami made from Beef and Pork, seasoned with garlic and pepper, moistened with White Wine and dry cured.


 perhaps the best-known cured meat. From the haunch of the pig and sliced wafer thin, nutty flavours come through on this rich ham.

Napoli Salami – Classic Italian Coarse grained pork salami, seasoned with Pepper, a touch of chilli and Garlic

Chorizo - A cured sausage made from coarsely chopped pork, seasoned with paprika, chilli and garlic and smoked.

Bresaola -  Air-dried, salt cured Fillet of Beef. Mild in flavour and less fatty than the most other cured meats, hints of juniper, garlic and pepper.



Black Bomber Cheddar

 a strong multi award winning Cheddar from Snowdonia, very smooth and creamy


 Classic French Cheese, this 18-month-old Comte has a distinctive nutty flavour. When you bite the cheese, you will feel some crystal salt which is a sign of excellent quality

Brie de Meaux Rouzaire

 Made by the Rouzaire family for three generations using traditional methods. Golden in colour and sweet and earthy in flavour.

Blacksticks Blue

 A great introductory cheese into the world of blue cheese. Tangy but smooth tasty and buttery texture, nothing too overpowering.


 (vegan) – mild Cheddar, deliciously creamy with a slight tang, made with coconut oil




Selection of Chargrilled vegetables

Courgette, Aubergine, fire roasted Peppers, Artichoke, semi dried Plum Tomatoes


Chickpea Humus

Baba ghanoush

 Aubergine Humus seasoned with garlic and pepper



 Tough mary’s bakery, extra virgin olive oil & aged Balasamic 




A selection of all the meats on the menu 


A selection of all our cheese’s with chutney and biscuits - for 2 or for 6 

Vegetable platter

A selection of all our vegetables with humus, baba ghanoush, Sheese vegan cheese & tough mary’s Foccacia - £12


Pick 3 dishes -1 meat, 1 cheese, 1 olives/vegetable served with Tough Mary’s Focaccia 

Pick 6 dishes – 2 meat, 2 cheese, 2 olives/vegetables served with Tough Mary’s Focaccia 

Small antipasti for 1 – Meat or Vegan

If you have any dietary or allergy requirements please let a member of staff know.